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About us

If you’re here to find a solution to your credit situation, you’re in the right place. Credit Card Committee remains steadfast in its goal to provide everyday consumers with the resources they need to succeed in an ever-changing world of credit and debit, spending and earning. Whether you’d like current events that affect your financial choices, expert advice on navigating credit cards, or real-time offers for new spending options, our innovative database and member-outreach system is sure to provide the support you need.


Our mission is to bring consumers the best credit offers the web has to offer, and help consumers make informed choices through a variety of news, advice, and tools. Credit Card Committee brings consumers and card issuers together through our tailored system of member-outreach, along with the resources provided on our user-friendly website. Each day, our members are updated on a selection of financial resources, and given the opportunity to stay on top of economic news, consider multiple options, and apply for monetary resources. We’re proud to provide our financial connections to thousands of interested consumers — with our help, anyone can maintain control over their finances, craft a portfolio on their own that fits with unique situations, and put money to use for their advantage.